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Post by MiniMiley on Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:09 am

Okay I recently made a new forum called VPK Fans. It's a fansite about the new game Virtual Paradise Kingdom. The web address is here:


Yeah, we only have a few members but I'm hoping it will get bigger. I put a lot of work into the forum. I made the background, the one in the wayy wayy back(dark blue and a yellow color and white) I made the blue cursive buttons at the top of the page where you login/register, I made the mini-icons for the forums (not the shells, the ones like the ! and the garbage bin and stuff.)
I only have a few more things to do. And if I get 10 members and 30 messages, I'll be accepting staff members and a surprise will be released. We would be having a contest by now but we have like 3 members so we can't lol. So please check it out and I hope you join!

* MiniMiley
Need to read the rules
Need to read the rules

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