Burnt out Bulbs’ Hidden Coins Guide and My Puffle’ Hidden Coins Guide

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Burnt out Bulbs’ Hidden Coins Guide and My Puffle’ Hidden Coins Guide

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:02 am

Burnt out Bulbs’ Hidden Coins Guide:
Using this guide, you will get 800 coins rather than 220 coins total for the game, ‘Burnt Out Bulbs’. First, go to the Book Room, and open the book “Burnt out Bulbs”.

Start typing on the first page and STOP after you type the words “burned out!”. Now push the puck in the picture with your cursor until it moves to the left and off the screen. If you pushed hard enough, the puck will bounce back onto the page and push a Coin onto the page as well. Click on the coin. Go to the next page.

Before even typing anything. Put your cursor on the upper left of the picture. Click on the coin.

Once you get to the 3rd page, Pull open the Piano cover and a coin will be inside!

Go to the next page. When the picture comes up, click the clock, and the Cuckoo bird will come out with a Coin. Be quick and click the coin! For this guide, choose “DJ” when typing. Go to the next page.

This one’s pretty hard. There are 4 floorboards. One on top of the other. Each must be dragged off the floor (and the page) in different directions before they start sliding back (click, hold, pull, and release fast). PUSH THEM IN THIS ORDER: RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, CLICK COIN AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE BLACK SCREEN. The video below show’s you what I mean by black screen and where to click. I already got the coin in that game, so you don’t see the coin in the bottom right. You might want to skip this coin if it takes too long.

At the DJ’s igloo. Click the dance tiles to change their color. Match each tile to the color of the background tiles of the picture of the Puffle on the igloo’s wall.

In the next picture, keep typing until you see the Ice Rink and the lights flashing different colors. Now pull up the circle on the floor and quickly click the coin.

Yay! You found all the coins! You get a total of 800 coins if you get all the Bonus coins.

My Puffle’ Hidden Coins Guide:
here is the guide for the puffle book:
1. Use the door handle to pull the door backwards and reveal the coin
2. This is different for each choice
-Dock: Click the handle of the pump to make the penguin pump some more and bounce the other penguin into the air. The coin is underneath him.
-Beach: The coin is under the bucket that is not held by the penguin
-Forest: Pull the fireman penguin’s hat upwards and click on the coin as it falls
-Cove: Same as for the fireman, just lift the blond wig off the penguin
3. The areas are different depending on your choice, but the idea is the same; drag whatever heavy, clickable object is nearby, and look for a coin to bounce out of the background when the first object drops. You might want to do this before typing in ‘penguins’ because they can make it hard to see the coin/object.
4-5. These two pages are the same. Drag the background down and a coin will come down too. Click the coin before the background springs back into place. It seemed to me that the coin moved away from my cursor, which made it very difficult.
If you complete the book and get every coin, you get a 100 coin bonus, making the total 250 coins. Not bad, but compared to the 800 coins in “Burned Out Bulbs” this isn’t worth your time if you’re looking for fast coins.


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Re: Burnt out Bulbs’ Hidden Coins Guide and My Puffle’ Hidden Coins Guide

Post by aaaphil on Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:03 am

good guide mhd

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